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Kevin's Chronicles


This urban thriller takes you through the mind of Kevin as he is on a chase to get paid. His MONEY OVER EVERYTHING mentality has caused him to engage in a life of crime. Nia, his girlfriend, warned him of the dangers but as money and new opportunities arise, he didn't care to take heed to her plea.

Kevin finds himself in a deadly chain of events where friends and family turn on each other as the chase for money grows. Nia has had enough. She decides to get out while she can and leaves Kevin as he is still contemplating his next move.

Realizing that he is blessed to still be alive, Kevin takes it as a lesson learned and leaves the life of crime behind him. He starts his life over and meets Katrina and they fall in love. Kevin chose to not share his past involvements of crime with Katrina. She only knows him as the loving and charming man that he has become. After running into some old friends, he learns that Katrina has some secrets that she's been hiding as well. Shocking truths from both sides will be discovered and disbelief and betrayal will arise quickly. 

Loyalty is now in question. Will they be forced to side with their past? Or will they rely on the love that they've built and realize that the real threat is not each other?

Quick decisions and actions must happen in hopes to survive.

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Kevin's Chronicles II


Questions remain unanswered and motives remain unknown. Kevin has not been seen or heard from since barely surviving the deadly night. All we know is that his shooter is on the loose and has a hidden agenda. With Kevin missing, several questions remain. Does he know what all took place? Did he bail on everyone? Or is Kevin just laying low and plotting on his attempting killer.


Katrina's Diary


Katrina is introduced in Kevin's Chronicles. She's a young, beautiful, woman who is seeking a fresh start. She finds success when she arrives back to Los Angeles. But what was she running from? How bad was her past? Katrina shares it all in her diary as she takes readers through her life of money and power. Her friendly, lovable character was once the direct opposite. 

Common Kings


King Johnson was born and raised in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Atlanta. Finally home from a ten year prison sentence, King reconnects with a special someone of his past and is now focused on building a future. He has a lot to look forward to but things don't come as easy as planned. He's faced with racism, injustice,  and a troubled cousin who is now a spitting image of what he used to be.

On the other hand is Officer David King. David King is a calm and humble officer who understands the struggles in the urban community and is looking for a way to make a difference. He too has to deal with everyday struggles. His greatest challenge is being partnered with an officer who is filled with hate for everyone who doesn't look like him.

The two "Kings", come face to face when what was supposed to be a normal traffic stop takes a turn for the worse. This sets off a chain of events which leads to them crossing paths on several occasions. The aftermath will result in hate, anger and guilt. The question is, can they set aside their differences and come together for justice?


Heartbroken: After the Rain


Join C.J. as he shares his story of how the woman he fell in love with, turned out to be nothing more than a gold digger and a cheater. He bounces back and finds "the one" but the pain that was left from his previous relationship is still there. It has caused him to view all women as the same. Will he get it together? Or will he become a cheater himself.

Many more coming soon!