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Welcome to my website. My name is Ron Leath and I am an upcoming author. My debut novel, Kevin's Chronicles, is now available. It is an urban thriller and the first part of a series. Kevin's Chronicles will definitely have you on the edge with its action and unpredictable plots. 

I was born in Jacksonville, FL and have lived in New York and Atlanta for a total of 8 years of my life. As of 2017, I now call Dallas, TX home and love it! I have a beautiful wife, and two wonderful kids. I am an unashamed believer in God, and look to inspire others to believe in yourself and let no one stop you.

Since the age of 12, I have had a passion to write. My lucid dreaming and imaginative mind has allowed me to bring my stories to life. I have also traveled to many places across the globe such as, London, Paris, Jamaica and others. I have learned something throughout each journey and I pray there are more to come.

My mission is to entertain readers with creative fiction. Please subscribe to my email and visit the website periodically. Events, blogs and books will be updated regularly.


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I post occasional videos that contain information about my book (Writes) and personal things such as family, health and God. (Life)


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2016 graduate from Georgia Southwestern State University with a BBA in Accounting


Writing, outdoor activities and sports. Go Jags! Go Celtics!

Fun Fact

Me and my wife are huge football fans. Our goal is to travel to every NFL stadium. We have 17 more to go!


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